FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. How can I use BoulderLimo4u.com to meet my transportation needs?

You can use the Request a Quote/Make a Reservation form to Request a Quote, choose vehicles, check availability, make reservations, pay online, and/or request a telephone call-back.

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Q2. What are your Rates?

Use the Request a Quote/Make a Reservation form to find out. A 10% Web-only Discount is available if you request a price quote using our website but is not available if you simply make a reservation on the phone. (May not apply to revised rates.)

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Q3. What is included in the rate?

Limousine rides include a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, ice, and snacks. If you want us to make sure a particular item is (or is not), available please let us know.

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Q4. What is the tipping/gratuity policy?

Please consider leaving a tip for your driver; Industry standard is 20%.

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Q5. How are Tolls paid?

If the customer does not pre-pay an All-Inclusive Toll Fee in advance, the passenger will be responsible for paying for tolls actually passed through during the itinerary (if any), using CASH.

NOTE: If you would like us to denote an "All-Inclusive Toll Fee" for your specific itinerary, just let us know.

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Q6. What are the fees/policies for Extra Stops?

Here are our policies & fees for extra stops:

i. "Hourly" itineraries include unlimited unplanned extra stops, within the booked time period, free of charge.

ii. For all other itinerary types, including one-way and round trip itineraries:

a. Extra stops which you specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are considered "PLANNED". Such extra stops are INCLUDED in the rate quote which you receive from us by email.

b. Extra stops which you do NOT specifically mention when you fill out our online reservation form are considered "UNPLANNED". For such extra stops:

1. The driver reserves the right to decline to make the extra stop.
2. The driver reserves the right to charge an extra fee for the extra stop.
3. The fee for the extra stop is due at the time the extra stop is requested.
4. Fees collected by drivers for unplanned extra stops are NOT considered a tip/gratuity.
5. The fee is left to the discretion of the driver, but is generally as follows, per half-hour period or portion thereof, spent making the unplanned extra stop: $25 (for Licoln Town Cars), $30 (for 120" Lincoln Stretch Limos).

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Q7. What are the fees/policies for lateness/tardiness by the customer?

You may be required to pay a $45 per half hour WAITING FEE in order to receive service if you are more than THIRTY (30) minutes late for your pickup.

If you are more than SIXTY (60) MINUTES LATE for your pickup, we reserve the right to CANCEL your pickup with NO REFUND. However, please attempt to contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund or continue waiting for you in certain situations.

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Q8. What are the fees/policies for rescheduling or changing itinerary details?

If you request to reschedule your reservation, (A) If we are able to accommodate your changed plans, we will do so and charge a rescheduling/change fee of $10 (for itineraries with a rate of $150 or less) or $20 (for itineraries with a rate over $150). (B) If we are unable to accommodate your changed plans, your reservation will be considered a cancellation, subject to the cancellation rules & policies explained on this web page.

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Q9. What is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

If you contact us to cancel more than 72 hours in advance, you will be refunded any amount paid minus a cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is the GREATER of either $50 or 25% of the full quoted rate of the reservation. If you contact us to cancel less than 72 hours in advance, we reserve the right to give you NO REFUND. However, please contact us as we might be willing to give a partial refund in certain situations.

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Q10. How will I pay for my ride?

You pay the transportation service provider who is selected to service your request directly.

All LimoZip service providers accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Credit card transactions can be processed through PayPal to maintain the security of your personal information, or over the phone as well.

You may pay in full in advance. Alternatively, you may pay a $50 or 25% (whichever is greater) deposit in advance, and pay the remaining amount due upon pickup.

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Q11. May I pay using a PayPal "eCheck"?

Yes, however your eCheck must CLEAR at least 3 days BEFORE your pickup date.

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Q12. Do I need a Customer Account?

Customer Accounts are NOT required to do business with us.

However, you can optionally choose to setup an Account after you complete any online reservation confirmation. Having an Account will enable you to make future bookings without the need to type in all of your information again from scratch.

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Q13. Can you call me to remind me of my pickup?

Yes! We will gladly place a COURTESY CALL to remind you of your pickup. (You will get the opportunity to schedule your Courtesy Call during the confirmation stage of the Reservation Process.)

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Q14. What type of Limos are used for my transportation?

Stretch limousines (white or black), town cars, and more. (View Photos)

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Q15. How many people can fit?

In general, the number of people designated in the vehicle description can fit. For example, Up to 3 people can fit in 3-passenger Lincoln Town Cars. HOWEVER, if there is a large amount of luggage/ baggage, fewer passengers may be able to fit.There is no additional per-person charge.

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Q16. When can I book a pickup?

You can book your request at any time of the day. However, we strongly recommend that you book a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

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Q17. When can I get picked up?

You can get picked up anytime. We operate 24/7.

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Q18. What types of itineraries are available?

  • One way & round trips involving airport.
  • One way & round trips not involving airport.
  • Hourly service.

NOTE: If you return to your origin within a short time of being dropped off at your destination, and the driver will need to wait for you outside, you will be quoted an "hourly" rate, NOT a "round trip" rate.

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Q19. Where can I request to be picked up/dropped off?

Request to be picked up and dropped off at a specific street address, such as 123 Maple St, or a specific area, such as Denver International Airport. When booking online, the pickup and dropoff cities can be anywhere in CO.

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Q20. What flight info should I enter for airport runs?

Your Airline, Flight Number, and Flight Time, for example "American Airlines Flight #1020 Arriving @ 5:25 PM". This info is required for Arriving flights and recommended for departing flights.

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Q21. What is the alcohol/ drug policy?

Alcohol consumption or posession is not permitted by ANYONE in the vehicle, if ANY of the passengers are under 21 years of age. Illegal drug consumption or posession by any passenger is not permitted. Breaking these terms is grounds for immediate termination of service for ALL passengers, with NO REFUND.

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Q22. What is the Lost-and-Found policy?

We are not responsible for any baggage, personal items, or anything else left behind by passengers in the vehicle. However please contact us if you have lost an item and we will return it to you if we have found it.

Q23. What is the policy on typographical errors with Rates?

Your quoted rate is not guaranteed until you pay us AND receive an email confirmation from us stating that the "STATUS" of the Request is "CONFIRMED". (Note: This is not the same as your instant payment receipt from PayPal or other online credit card processors.) This is due to rare typographical errors.

Q24. What is the Limitation of Liability?

Unless required by law, under no circumstance shall the transportation service provider or any of the other parties involved in the booking be liable to compensate the passenger/customer beyond refunding the full amount originally paid to the service provider.

Q25. What if my question is not answered above?

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